President message
It is my great honor to be the Association President on April 27, 2019. First of all, I would like to express my heartful thanks to Mr. Jimmy Wong, our founding president, in the past six years, under the leadership of Mr. Wong and the joint efforts of association council members and all committees members, the association businesses have been flourishing and the number of members has been increasing. Especially in the training of primary health care nurses, we have done a lot of work. Certificate courses have been conducted every year and are very popular. It is really touching that many members have used the Saturday afternoon to attend classes to increase the knowledge and skill of primary health care to provide our citizens with high quality primary health care services. This is also the biggest driving force for our work.

In the coming three years, we will follow the spirit of the previous committee.
  1. Training courses: continue to provide training for our members and all nurses working in primary health care. In addition to the diversity of training courses organised by the Association itself, we will also explore co-training courses with local or overseas universities to provide competence primary health care professionals.
  2. Expanding members: Now our members are basically colleagues of the Hospital Authority. We hope that all nurses working in the primary health care field can join our associations, including private hospitals / clinics, NGOs, etc., even nursing students, we should work together to contribute to the development of primary health care.
  3. Actively participate in the primary health care development in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay area and other provinces / cities of China, and learn from each other to promote the overall development of primary health care. For example, continue to participate in the annual outpatient and community nursing academic exchange conference which organized by the China Nursing Association, and cooperate with the Guangdong Nursing Association and the Shenzhen Nurses Association to organize training courses of primary health care, especially the management of chronic diseases. To contribute to the development of primary health care in the Greater Bay Area.
Finally, I wish all members have a healthy body and association has thriving business!


Hong Kong Association of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care Nurses